The History of Lea Hall Shotokan Karate Club

Lea Hall Shotokan Karate Club is a well established Club based in the West Midlands. It is ran by 6 dedicated Instructors with over 150 years combined experience.

Lea Hall Shotokan Karate Club is a member of the Midlands Shotokan Karate Federation who are Independant members of the English Karate Federation.

All of our Instructors are fully CRB checked and have up to date First Aid training. We operate a friendly and disiplined environment which welcomes all students from ages 7 years upwards from beginner to expert.

The roots of the club began with Dave Dewhurst, who ran the British all Styles Karate Association, around about November 1975; his headquarters were in Burton Manor, just outside Stafford. The club was originally started and run for Sensei Dewhurst by Gaetano Zagra (Tino), who was then a 5th Kyu (yellow belt). Tino started training with Sensei Dewhurst around 1967. Tino then decided to approached Sensei Dewhurst in order to start a local club, this was agreed and he ran this club for approximately twelve months, where he trained the likes of Sensei Trevor Seager and Sensei Gary Butler, amongst others. We then joined B.S.K.A (Rugeley) The British Shotokan Karate Association (Rugeley). This was run by Sensei Gary Butler assisted by Sensei Trevor Seager and Maurice Gibson, (1st Kyu).

In December 1986 Sensei Kazimier Maj and Sensei Tino, both achieved their Shodan. After achieving Sho-Dan they were encouraged to start there own club, which they did at Etching hill School. Kaz and Tino were awarded their Ni-Dan grades on 8th April 1990. Naturally training then commenced for San-Dan, Sensei Tino achieved this first on the 12th November 1992, at Sensei Preeces club in Stafford. Three months later, Sensei Kaz passed and was awarded his San-Dan.

It was then mutually agreed by all parties concerned that Sensei Kaz and Sensei Tino form a club that was entirely independent of the B.S.K.A. (Rugeley). This they did about the end of March 2000, they called the club Rugeley & Armitage (Shotokan) Karate Association. However on 19th October 2001 they approached Lea Hall Club to apply to use their Pavilion, they were told that providing they would change the club name to include the words “Lea Hall”, permission would be granted. This they did and the club title became “Lea Hall (Shotokan) Karate Association”. To Learn more about Lea Hall Club click here to visit Lea Hall Club's website.